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“If you lack confidence and maturity, you cannot deal with reality”

Adulting is a verb.
The verb indicates an action. The right action.

Chapter 1. Childhood is an incubator of big dreams.

Chapter 2. Adulthood. Good times are over! It’s the time when you stop crunching
the numbers at the school desk and set yourself for a new wave in your life.
First things first, we start making adult choices.

Chapter 3. Discovery. How does parenting yourself sounds to you? Almost good…
Things never go as planned and whining is not really an option. Don’t get
paranoid. Bite the bullet. Ahh, pressures of grown-up life!!! To know yourself
takes time. Hence, some experiences and discoveries can be daunting. Take the
bull by the horns.

Chapter 4. ???. Let’s knock on the door and enter character department. Character
tends to be overlooked, but it closely intersects with maturity. What really
breeds our character? If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything. Let me
introduce you to CONSISTENCY. Your words and actions are in harmony. Simple as

Chapter 5. EGO. That’s a tough cookie. Fireworks, please! Oh no!
Firefighters I meant! Once we turn our EGO on, we are losing our adult

Chapter 6. 3D. Hey, we are NOT talking about 3D printing.
#3D = Decisions Determine Destiny. I guess, no comments needed.

Chapter 7. Get out of your sandbox and move the wagons towards maturity.

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