How to attack your fear?

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Fear is the most unwanted friend in our lives. It can paralyze us to the extent where we lose the appetite for living a real, abundant life. It comes into our life very unnoticed, but it can leave a tremendous amount of damage. Of course, that is if it leaves us at all.

The first step then is to get rid of words such as *I am not good enough*, *I am nothing compared to them*, *I don’t have the knowledge*, *What others will think of me*, *This is not the right time*, *I will try later*. The cheap talk that costs a lot.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where at the very beginning you were afraid to try something new but after 10 times of doing it – it felt like you were a pro? What really counts here is ACTION.

Feel the fear and do it anywaySusan Jeffers

How do we embrace and diminish the fear?

Interesting enough, we tend to find 100 excuses why we are afraid of doing one or another thing, but not a 1 sufficient reason why we should really pursue it. I guess we lack a burning desire. That’s where it all begins. Desire. If you set someone’s souls on fire – it melts the bridges and barriers, like a butter in a frying pan.

Recipe of fearless life:

Create a desire and blend it with lots of action. Keep going through discomfort zone. Every now and then add perseverance.

Conclusion. The more time you spend in your discomfort zone – the more your comfort zone expands. Start NOW.

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