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One word concept

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hey world!

Today I would love to share an interesting concept of one word. Just a tiny bite. Wouldn’t you agree? The little things aren’t so little anymore.

It’s about time to put your creative juices into the work. I would like to share with you this new concept that I have discovered recently. As ambitious human beings, we tend to set big audacious life goals. On the contrary, we will do something different in this particular case.

How can one *magic* word become a game changer in how we see and do things?

It’s all about how we envision ourselves for a certain period.

So lets through some spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks! No! Just kidding!

How do you see yourself? King? Entrepreneur? Teacher? Magician?
Let’s take the first one as an example:


That’s your trigger word!

You act like King!
You sing like King!
You behave like King!
You dream like King!
You think like King!

Does it make sense? We trigger our subconscious mind to believe and act in a particular manner.

What’s your epitome word for next 365 days?

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